The rapid growth of Covid-19 has put hard tension on many healthcare providers as they provide treatment and care to affected patients. Along with the stress of treating a disease with many unknowns, healthcare providers are also in an environment with a lack of personal protection equipment. Back in March, this pandemic called for the world to unite, for people to come forward to help one another and create a call of action.

3D printing companies were among many industries that joined the forces to ameliorate the tension of our healthcare providers.


3D printing companies have the materials to help ease supply chain issues for critical care equipment, such as face mask respirators or “ear guards”. Cyb Llings Inc. 3D printing was among those companies that responded. Cyb Llings Inc. partnered with Star EMS and GoEngineer to convert snorkel masks into a respirator for the EMS at Star EMS in Pontiac, MI. The team of businesses collaborated on their CAD software, computer simulation, and 3D printers, which resulted in a prototype being developed in less than 24 hours. EMS at Star EMS used the face mask respirators while supplies were difficult to procure.

Here at Cyb Llings Inc. we acquired the knowledge of an “ear guard” design created by a Canadian Scout named Quinn. Cyb Llings Inc. followed suit and printed these ear guards here in Downtown Pontiac and donated them to local hospitals. The purpose of the ear guards is to provide healthcare workers that wear masks all day, more comfort, and eliminate pain behind their ears.

Even more than that, Cyb Llings Inc. is affiliated with FIRST Robotics and we donated PPE to families that are involved in the medical community. Also, Cyb Llings Inc. donated more PPE to Beaumont Hospital.

The pandemic has brought the world many challenges, and here at Cyb Llings Inc. we are taking on those challenges together with our community. If you have a need, together we can find a solution and we, the team at Cyb Llings Inc., can print the outcome. We appreciate our healthcare and essential workers.