Ideas are just thoughts until action is taken place and causes those ideas to transform into reality. What if you are a toy designer, an auto part manufacturer, or even in the industry to create PPE for healthcare workers. All these industries share similar requirements, first they need an idea but then need the proper resources to take action. Those resources could be the people, the equipment and/or the materials. Here at Cyb Llings Inc. we have the people, equipment and the materials.

Part One:
One of the prominent 3D Printer technologies that are on the premise, here at Cyb Llings Inc., is the Stratasys brand Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). This technology has unique features to it when it comes to the composition of its materials. The FDM technology uses a coil of plastic filament that is fed up to a heated head and extruded out one layer at a time.

The FDM utilizes strong, engineering-grade materials like ABS, PC-ABS and ULTEM 9085 resin. FDM can create functional prototypes and production parts with an outstanding thermal and chemical resistance and excellent strength to weight ratios. These materials are ready for harsh environments and tough testing; the ABS is best fitting for applications requiring good strength and sterilization, the PC-ABS material is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics and the ULTEM 9085 resin is ideal for extensive, more stringent test criteria required by the aerospace, automotive industries, the military and other regulatory agencies.

More in-depth, the ABS is a versatile material, it is good for form, fit and functional applications. It is widely used for auto parts, consumer products, pipe fittings, toys, and much more. Next, the PC-ABS, a true industrial thermoplastic, combines the most desirable properties of both materials; excellent features of ABS and the superior mechanical properties and heat resistance of polycarbonate. This being said, it is commonly used in automotive, electronics and telecommunications applications. An additional feature of PC-ABS material is how pliable it is, it can be formed at room temperature without cracking or breaking. Lastly, ULTEM 9085 resin is a flame, smoke and toxicity-certified thermoplastic. It features excellent heat resistance and high impact strength. Typically, this material is used for applications like advanced prototyping, manufacturing tooling and low/high volume production.

If you are ready to transform your thoughts to a 3D object in hand, invest in the proper materials. Cyb Llings Inc. is ready to take action with you.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about other 3D technologies, focusing on other materials and equipment that Cyb Llings Inc. offers.