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FDMSandCasting1Case Study showing how FDM Sand Casting Application can cut matchplate prduction time and cost in half for your business. 

Melron Corporation, based in Schofield, Wisconsin, began manufacturing sand cast window hardware in the 1960s. Since then, it has grown to be a primary supplier of casement hardware using traditional sand casting techniques and modern foundry practices. As a means of becoming more competitive in the global marketplace, Melron began to focus its efforts on the production of high-margin, low-volume items for the residential and restoration markets. As part of that process, Melron began to consider other options for producing matchplates. In the past, Melron had engaged a subcontractor to machine matchplates from aluminum at a cost of approximately $5,000. Delivery lead time for the machined parts was approximately three weeks. However, the matchplates often required design changes. “Laying out patterns is more of an art than a science,” explained Dan Schaupp, an engineer for Melron. “We did our best to make repairs to the matchplates by taking out material because we didn’t want to see our $5,000 investment go to waste.” As a result, Melron’s leadership began to consider other rapid prototyping technologies but soon learned that these methods were not able to withstand the ramming forces necessary to pack sand. Furthermore, they lacked abrasion and chemical resistance. Then Melron learned about Stratasys® and Fused Deposition Modeling™ (FDM®).

Melron started on a small scale by ordering an FDM matchplate from a service bureau. Then, because it worked so well, the company ordered a Stratasys 3D printer and began producing matchplates that combined pre-fabricated aluminum blanks with FDM inserts.

By using FDM, the cost of producing new matchplates is approximately $2,000 — a 60% reduction from CNC machining.


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