PolyJet Injection Molding

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Injection molding — the process of injecting plastic material into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity — is one of the world’s most popular manufacturing processes. It is best used to mass-produce highly accurate, and often complex, end-use parts.

robertsefferside33D printing is commonly used to build prototype parts for the detection of issues related to form, fit and function. Yet, 3D printed prototypes cannot provide a complete assessment of an injection molded part’s functional performance because 3D material properties are different than those actually used in injection molding. Until recently, the only option for manufacturers to conduct design and functional testing of injection molded parts was to machine an aluminum (soft) tool. While these molds are far less expensive than their steel (hard) counterparts, costs and lead times are still significant.

Now, with the help of PolyJet 3D printed molds, you can: 

  • Quickly and cost-effectively produce new molds following
  • Reduce and / or eliminate rework on final production molds.
  • Create prototypes from final production material with complex
    geometries, thin walls, and fine details.
  • Gather true-to-life performance data much earlier in the
    process than ever possible before.


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