abs m30 architectural modelabs m30 paper pulp mold

Affordable FDM thermoplastic 

ABS-M30 enables you to prototype in this popular production thermoplastic on Performance 3D Production Systems and the Stratasys F123 Series. This strong, familiar material lets you explore more ideas, test frequently, work iteratively – and ultimately take better products to market faster.

3D Printing With ABS-M30 Engineered for 3D printing with FDM Technology, ABS-M30 is ideal for concept models and moderate-requirement parts including functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tooling and production parts. Colors include natural, white, black, dark gray, red and blue – plus the option for custom colors. For maximum unattended build time, all standard colors are available in Xtend 500 Fortus Plus boxes for compatible systems.

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