Digital Materials

What are Digital Materials?

A Digital Material is the result of combining two or three PolyJet photopolymers in specific concentrations and microstructures to create a composite material with hybrid characteristics. All possible combinations are preconfigured and selectable in Objet Studio and PolyJet Studio Software to ensure predictable, repeatable results.

This example combines the translucent Rubber-like material Tango Plus with Rigid Opaque materials Vero Magenta and Vero Yellow. You can see that the hue varies from yellow to magenta with a range of oranges in between, while the color intensity and opacity fade as the flexibility increases.

The 3D printing possibilities

A single model 3D printed on the Stratasys J750 can incorporate over 360,000 colors and an astonishing array of materials in a single build process. These are just some of the possibilities:

Simulate a variety of elastomers by combining rigid and flexible materials.

  • Use Digital ABS as your rigid material on the Stratasys J750 and Connex3 for greater durability and a range of Shore A values from 27 to 95.

Mimic standard plastics by combining materials with greater heat resistance and superior toughness to form Digital ABS.


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