cyblingsblog1wecanprintCyb Llings Inc., an innovative 3D printing company, discovered in 1991, it is a family-made business, hence the name Cyb Llings (siblings). At Cyb Llings, our team of Engineers provide 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing services; creating rapid prototypes and functional parts in a high quality, cost effective manner. We work with engineers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers across all different industries to take their concepts and help it become reality.

So, why choose 3D Printing for your business?

  • 3D printing allows you to design, iterate, and perfect your designs in the prototyping stage both efficiently and cost effectively. 
  • Know exactly how your product will look and perform before investing in any costly tooling. 

Cyb Llings Inc. offers FDM and Polyjet printer technologies with a range of plastic and rubber like materials. We can 3D print tough functional prototypes, highly realistic and precise models. Our technology and materials change the game; having a printer that can create accurate details with large build envelopes.

Companies are turning to 3D printing with more and more advantages being discovered. If you are in the industry of aerospace, medical, dental, automotive, consumer products, education, or art and fashion 3D printing is a resource to you.

  • Do you need a model of your product for a tradeshow? We Can Print It.
  • Need a spare part for a machine? We Can Print It.
  • Do you need a mold of your patient's jaw? We Can Print It.
  • Does the car you are building need a steering wheel prototype? We Can Print It.
  • Do you need a model of the brain to educate your classroom? We Can Print It.